Sunday, May 5, 2013


                         FOREVER CHAINED

       Forever Chained is a young four piece female fronted HARD ROCK/METAL BAND out of N.C.,that has the sound of a band that has been playing for over 20 years. When you think about the PERFECT BLEND of sound between a singer and her band, it does not get more balanced than Forever Chained.Their sound is pure and what you hear on recordings is the same great sound you hear live. With influences like Black Sabbath , Led Zepplin , Slash , Zakk Wylde , and Metallica , they have taken a little greatness from each of these bands to create their own addictive sound. Shane's guitar work is INCREDIBLE , Damian's steady assault on the skins give the songs LIFE and BEN brings it all together with his SMOOTH bass play. Nina's voice has an effortless sound of beauty with a gut wrenching Hard Rock Soul.


  • Nina - VOCALS
  • Shane - GUITAR
  • Ben - BASS
  • Damian - DRUMS





                                         CARVED IN STONE


                          THE PIT UNSIGNED