Wednesday, February 27, 2013


                                         NECESSARY EVIL

Necessary Evil is a Extremely Talented 4 piece Hard Rock band out of SC. This past week they were nominated for BAND OF THE WEEK at The Pit Unsigned. It was a close battle to the end until their fans catapulted them to the top of the poll in the final days. Their fans came out in massive support of the band they love so much.I have been covering this band for awhile now and once you hear their music, you fully understand why they have such a strong following. They are humble and the songs they play seem to connect with a lot of people. Getting their videos uploaded to youtube is something they are working on and should have them up by summer. A band blog is also coming soon (Video and Written) so that is something we can all look forward to right around the corner. Some of the bands Influences are Muddy Waters, The Beatles, Ozzy, Pantera Slipknot and STP.


  • T.J Johnson - Vocals
  • Adam Walker - Guitar
  • J.D. Cadden - Guitar
  • Skyler Mitcham - Drums


                          THE PIT UNSIGNED

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Temptation's Wings (Legends Of The Tusk) Album Review

                                      LEGENDS OF THE TUSK
                                             ALBUM REVIEW

Temptations's Wings is a three piece Metal Band out of the mountains of NC . The band was founded in 2009 and this Friday (MARCH 1st), they will be releasing their new EP LEGENDS OF THE TUSK. It will be at THE ODDITORIUM in Asheville NC, along with Through The Fallen and Scent Of Remains. I was given the chance to hear the album and I can tell you this EP is solid and definitely a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. It is so much different than anything I have reviewed up to this point. Their style is UNIQUE and gives you a Viking Metal Style with an HARD ROCK ATTITUDE. The Ep is Strong from the start but ends with a Fury and their is no let down in between. Temptation's Wing's has put out a Great Album and their fans and new fans to come will surely be grateful for this Incredible Effort.


  • MICAH - Guitars & Vocals
  • Wilford - Bass
  • Jason - Drums

                                         CRUSH THE WEAK
                                              LYRIC VIDEO


  1. CRUSH THE WEAK - Its a Killer opening track. It has an Old School Hard Rock Sound from the opening lick,but then shortly after the journey begins. The vocals are on point and as you listen, you quickly get wrapped up in the story of the song. The band is Outstanding and the guitar play grabs a hold of your soul and seems to give them their signature sound.
  2. AND DEATH RIDES WITH US - If you wanted to go into Battle listening to a METAL song,this is your track. Imagine riding across a field with a 1000 other riders on horseback and looking to your left and DEATH is looking at you, while singing into a MIC. That is how this song makes you feel, like your going into WAR and you cannot loose. Another great song!!!!!!!!
  3. FROZEN WASTE OF DEATH - This is a short Instrumental Intro for THE LAST TITAN. Although short it has a prepare yourself sound that something big may be brewing on the Horizon. It feels like its a time to heal between battles before the last ride begins.
  4. THE LAST TITAN - This song has a PANTERA feel about it and is dominated by Punishing Guitar work. This is the heaviest song on the EP and is a great way to end it. The drum play also sounds BRUTAL. The Last Titan has a different feel about it than the other tracks and is definitely my favorite song on the EP. 

I Give This EP 3.5/5 


  2. STORE -

                         THE PIT UNSIGNED

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shadow Of Myself EP REVIEW (SINGLE)

                                    SHADOW OF MYSELF

Recently Shadow Of Myself  put out their new 3 song EP and although I had already heard the Super Addictive song YOUR ADDICTION, I was smiling from ear to ear when I heard the companion songs that went with it. When I think about this Ep it reminds me of albums you hear by such bands as Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch , Eve To Adam and Three Days Grace, where you start the album and just let it roll to the end. There is absolutely no let down in this short but fully packed EP. Its the type of album that garners attention from the moment it starts and the band has gained my RESPECT as serious up and coming band that will soon be presented to the world. What is even more incredible is the fact they are working on a full length for later on in 2013 which will most likely end up being someones Album Of The Year, if it keeps up the pace this EP has began. I am really excited for everyone to get a chance to purchase this album and I will post a link to it at the bottom. This 5 piece unsigned  band was formed in 2009 and are based out of Charlotte NC,but I do not see this band unsigned for long. That is if the right people just get to hear a taste of what they are serving in the rock community. Several radio stations in the region have already played their tracks and when it comes to putting crowds in a venue, they know how to bring them in with high energy shows.


  • VOCALS - Travis Keziah
  • LEAD GUITARIST - Brian Baker
  • RYTHEM GUITARIST - John Conway
  • BASSIST - Brian Riley
  • DRUMS - Dustin Foley

                                         YOUR ADDICTION

  1. SUPRALIMINAL - From the start the band is HEAVY as hell, you already realize this is going to be something special. The cleans are superb and every once in awhile you get to throw your horns up with some screams. This is a song you play loud and you throw down till the end. When its over you pick up the stuff you threw down, start the song back over and do it again. It is that Damn good. The guitar work stands out and the drums are being beat at the highest level. At least once while you were listening to this song you blasted those drums also, because you were so wrapped up. Perfect song to open with.
  2. UNTIL THE END - I would say this would be my favorite song on this album. It gives you  a couple changes in TEMPO and I love the way it blends in out. Towards the end it  becomes the perfect sing a long song and I can just imagine how awesome it would be to hear and see the band singing this song live. I really hope I do get to see them soon. Although the vocals are great in this song, its the bands relentless playing in the beginning and unified  togetherness in the end that stands out in this track.
  3. YOUR ADDICTION - The first song I ever heard from the band and it was also a part of the COMPILATION DISK Struggles From The Pit that The Pit Unsigned put out. I was so happy when the guys sent the track to me, because it was one of those tracks that I really wanted to be on it. This is a BRUTAL song about a girl that you can not do without, but obviously she does not have the same feelings about you and you are about to go crazy. The song gets harder and harder escalating to a breaking point in the end and you can feel the energy in the song build to its breaking point. Its powerful and brings to a close the best album I have ever reviewed.



                         THE PIT UNSIGNED

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


                                            KELEN HELLER

With a massive following of supportive fans and music that seems to appeal to everyone, Kelen Heller has become a topic of every one's conversation in the Rock scene. The 5 piece Rock band out of Greenville SC was nominated by their fans to be this weeks BAND OF THE WEEK at THE PIT UNSIGNED. The band was formed in 2009 with all the members coming from other bands and creating the Regional POWERHOUSE they are today.They are respected by other bands and loved dearly by their fans. Kelen Heller has played with some of the best bands in the business, including In This Moment, SHINEDOWN, SEVENDUST, HALESTORM, Rob Zombie, Godsmack and Staind. They have been working on their new album and will be having a CD Release Party at The Handlebar in Greenville on MAY 24th. They have some very cool merchandise that can be purchased HERE . You can also purchase a very cool VIP Package at the same link that is loaded with cool stuff for their CD Release show.


  • Ricky Shuler - Vocals
  • EFRUM - Lead Guitar
  • Mark Frey - Guitar
  • Brandon Moore - Bass
  • Kevin Wall Drums



                         THE PIT UNSIGNED

Saturday, February 16, 2013


                                  MEMOIR OF A MASSACRE
                                            ALBUM REVIEW

MEMOIR OF A MASSACRE is a 4 piece METAL band formed in 2008 out of VIRGINIA. They are signed with PROJECT: RECORDS and are in the midst of releasing their new EP IMAGES. I was recently sent a link to the album to do a review and knew mid way thru the first song that this was going to be one of the easiest reviews I have ever had the honor of writing. Once I heard the album from beginning to end I quickly realized why PROJECT: RECORDS wanted this band to be part of their label. It is SIX of some of the best METALCORE tracks that you could ever feed a brain that is starving for superior metal.




  1. NOTHING LEFT - Before the blistering barrage of guitar play comes in,they take you to a world of tranquility with the calming sounds of piano play. It is like they want to comfort you before they shove you into an atmosphere of relentless metal greatness. The reign of heaviness pursues you most of the song before getting back to a happy place with some well played guitar work that you wish would just play for ever.The screams during the song are not over bearing and should satisfy many genres of metal fans.
  2. PUSH TO BREAK - This song is dominated by a lot of cleans,which was a surprise after hearing the first track, but not a bad surprise at all. Although it starts out with screams and then a few more well placed throughout the song, it is the cleans that makes this song so addictive.The quality of guitar and drum work is also apparent in this song. I love this song and can easily see this track being one of the bands songs that connects with a broader audience.
  3. HOUSE OF THE WICKED - If you are a fan of SLIPKNOT I believe you are going to be digging this track. It has that vibe throughout the whole song, but still feels fresh in its on way. Once again its another KILLER song and gets you to the middle of the EP with 3 continuous hits.
  4. PARANOID SUICIDE - HEAVY, HEAVY ,HEAVY guitar work in this song.This is the shortest song on the album and feels even shorter because you get so wrapped up in the flow of the song. Screams and low growls takes you back to a heavier tone on the album, which is were I think the band is at its greatest. This track is masterful and the sound of the bass drum states that they not only want you to hear what is going on ,but they want you to feel it.
  5. POSSESSION - You can tell at the start of this song, that it is building up to the point where it is ready to explode. When it finally kicks in, it is in your face and does not disappoint. The vocals could not be any better when the band is in full assault. With so many good songs on this EP it is starting to feel like a GREATEST HITS ALBUM.
  6. CONFLICT - A Metalcore song at its finest and a PERFECT way to end the album. It brings a little of all of ANDREWS vocal ranges together for one last, okay hear it is and this is what we are all about. The band is brutal and they seem to put their heart and soul in making sure this EP leaves one final lasting impression before they end this POWERFUL and KICK@SS ALBUM. It was without a doubt one of the best EPs I have heard.


                         THE PIT UNSIGNED

Monday, February 11, 2013



 Manamana (Muh-Nah-Muh-Nah) is a three piece Rock Band out of NC that is known for their Intense,High Energy shows. They have dug their captivating mixture of Blues,Hard Rock and Metal into the hearts of fans from the East Coast to the West Coast. Now those same fans have said they need to be recognized and should be The Pit Unsigned Band Of The Week. Right now the band is rocking up and down the U.S. with their "PARTY ON WHEELS TOUR" . Party On Wheels will also be the name of Manamana's full length album that is due out later this year, but for all you fans that cannot wait till then,they will have an EP called "PRELUDE TO THE PARTY" coming out February 26th. I posted a link below to many of the bands upcoming shows with links. For those of you that do not know the band was formed 3 days before a show needed a band to fill an empty spot. They practiced for two days with songs that Butch Bobcat had written several years earlier and the High Impact band that we know as Manamana was born. 3 DAYS ,which Ironically is about the same amount of time it took for their fans to put them in the lead for BAND OF THE WEEK and never look back.


  • Butch Bobcat - Guitar / Vocals
  • Mr. Saturday Night - Guitar / Vocals
  • P. Shway - Drums / Vocals


                                             IMAGE BY : Metal Warlokk Photography

  1. 2/11/2013 Cleveland Ohio - The Barking Spider -
  2. 2/12/2013 Canton Ohio - Buzzbin Art & Music Store -
  3. 2/13/2013 Columbus Ohio - Bernie's Bagels And Deli -
  4. 2/15/2013 Kent Ohio - Checkers And Trophies -
  5. 2/22/2013 Cincinatti Ohio - Baba Budans -
  6. 2/23/2013 Memphis Tn - P&H Club -
  7. 2/28/2013 New York NY - Recoup Lounge -
  8. 3/1/2013 New York NY - Desmonds Tavern -
  9. 3/3/2013 Pittsfield Ma - Chameleons -
  10. 3/8/2013 Chapel Hill NC - The Cave Tavern -
  11. 3/16/2013 Ocean Springs MS - The Squeaky Lizard -
  12. 3/20/2013 New York NY - Otto's Shrunken Head -
  13. 3/21/2013 Manchester CT - Allstars Rock Bar -
  14. 3/22/2013 Brooklyn NY - Goodbye Blue Monday -
  15. 3/28/2013 Dover DE - Dovr Downs Hotel And Casino , Rollins Center -
  16. 3/30/2013 Fredricksburg Va - Q-Balls -
  17. 4/4/2013 New York NY - Desmonds -
  18. 4/17/2013 Burlington VT - Radio Bean Coffee House -
  19. 4/26/2013 New York NY - Desmonds -
  20. 5/25/2013 Manheim PA - Lasrdome -
  21. 5/31/2013 Spindale NC - The Ultimate Basement -
  22. 6/1/2013 Rock Hill SC - Firewater 110 -


Monday, February 4, 2013


Tattermask is a 4 piece female fronted Rock Band formed in 2007. It was formed from JOSH and ADAMS former band Flatline. They were recently nominated with 4 other bands for The Pit Unsigned's Band Of The Week and won. Their fans came out in strong support to boost them to the lead and they held that spot for the entire week. I recently got to see the band live at AMOS' SOUTHEND and quickly realized why the fans supported them with so much passion. I have listened to the band many times since I started The Pit Unsigned, but being able to see them live brought chill bumps to my arms.It was like finally getting to meet a band you really love to listen to, for the first time and being STARSTRUCK. They sounded Incredible and you could tell how much playing on that stage meant to them. Some of the things that really stood out to me was how bad@ss the DRUMMER (ADAM)  sounded, how gnarly HARLEY looked,  the way JOSH made playing guitar look so easy and the great sound and stage presence coming from AMANDA. I have also noticed that Tattermask keeps the fans involved with projects in the band. In the last couple of weeks they gave the fans a chance to design their next shirt design with the winner receiving $50.00, a free shirt with their design and 2 tickets to an upcoming show. Hopefully soon I will be able to see them again live,but I am telling you now, if you have never had the chance to see this band live are hear their music you need to check out the links below.


                         AMANDA CAINES - GUITAR / VOCALS

FUN FACT: AMANDA once tried out for American Idol and did not make it pass the first round. She collects Owl Figurines and is afraid of yellow jackets.

                              JOSH WRIGHT / LEAD GUITAR

 FUN FACT: When Josh used to play in a band with Adams older brother JOEL, they threw ADAM'S cymbal stand in a pool cause he sounded so bad. He is deathly afraid of heights and collects autographs from bands he has met.

                                    ADAM BLACKMON / DRUMS

FUN FACT: Although ADAM has not been the drummer the entire time TATTERMASK has been together,he is the original drummer from when the band started in 2007. He loves collecting cheap DVDs.

                                      HARLEY QUINN / BASS

FUN FACT: Before Harley was in the band she worked in a maze at SCAREWINDS that played 2 TATTERMASK songs, ( DEATH OF ME & DOWN ) and was surprised to learn from a friend that one of the bands she had been listening to was looking for a bassist. She is also addicted to Candy Canes and stockpiles them at Christmas so she can eat them all year.



Sunday, February 3, 2013


                                         DEAD OAKS

Hailing from what seems to be a hotbed of Rock and Metal, ( Asheville NC ), Dead Oaks was formed in July of 2012. Although they have not been together long they have put together the PERFECT COMBINATION of DEATHCORE and blasted on the scene. They have been recording with COLOSSAL STUDIOS in NC and have finally finished up their new EP, EMBRACING DISHONOR. With an Interview with The Pit Unsigned, New Merch and an EP that is sure to leave moshpits battered and bruised throughout the area, 2013 will be coming in with much excitement for DEAD OAKS. I look forward to watching this band grow and seeing them live in the near future.


  • WEST HILYER - Vocals
  • DANIEL DAVIS - Drums

                                          INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1 - 6

1. How did DEAD OAKS come together as a band?

2. What is the inspiration behind the name DEAD OAKS?

3. What is some of the most difficult obstacles for a young band trying to make in the scene today?

4. Who or what influenced each member the most to get into the music scene?

5. Tell me a little about some of your favorite bands and which bands introduced you to Rock & Metal

6. When did DEAD OAKS come together as a band and how long was it before you started playing shows?

                                            DEAD OAKS ANSWERS 1-6

                                 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 6 -14

6.  How long was it before you started playing shows?

7.  Has the band been able to put together any merch and where can it be purchased?

8.  I have noticed there is a lot of good rock and metal coming out of the Asheville area, what do you think is             the biggest reason for this?  

9.  I know the band has been working hard on a new EP, when will it be released?

10.  Will it be a free download?

11.  Who did the band work with to record the new EP and what was it like working with them?

12.  Who does most of the songwriting for the band?

13.  Who came up with the idea of the VLOG, which by the way is an oustanding idea and do you plan to keep us updated with new VLOGS?

14.  How do you see the future unfolding for DEAD OAKS?

                                  DEAD OAK ANSWERS 6 - 14


The new EP ( EMBRACING DISHONOR) is finally been completed and after listening to it, I believe their fans and new fans to come, will be licking at their chops to get it. The EP is very polished and shows the talent this band will be bringing to the DEATHCORE GENRE.

1. THE LIFE PSYCHOTIC: Right off the jump the EP comes out Swinging, setting the tone with an all out assault of screams and massive drum beats. It is an excellent song to start the album with and even surprised me with some cleans in the middle and towards the end.
2. HONORS FOR ANIMALS: This is by far my favorite song on the album.I truly believe this song will appeal to a broader audience. Honors For Animals starts hard and in your face, BUT,  at around 40 seconds in the track, the band slows it down and this is when this song takes Life. Imagine the frenzy of a moshpit, now Imagine that same moshpit throwing down in unison. That is how this song makes me feel. This is the HEART of the EP.
3. SUCCUBUS COUNTY: If Mozart would have sang a DEATHCORE song it would have been this one. The vocals are a work of art. The band compliments this song well, but the vocals are unreal. It is the shortest song on the album at 3:35 seconds and as soon as it is over, you want more. This track is definitely powered by strong vocals.Some of the best I have heard.
4. BROKEN GOD: There is a lot of Killer guitar and drum work in this track. The vocals are BRUTAL.It is another outstanding song and shows how consistently good the band is and how hard they have worked to put out a superior product.
5. COLD SHOULDER: I thought Lamb Of God was fixing to start playing when I heard the song open up. It is powerful and you realize quickly they have saved one of the best for last. From the opening lick you know you are in for a fierce ride to the end of the EP. Most of the song is HEAVY AS HELL till the middle of the song. Then you start hearing the lowest growls of the whole EP and it starts a descent of bringing this album to a close. It is also one of my favorites.


                                            LINKS TO THE BAND