Saturday, December 22, 2012


                       WAR TORN ANGEL

War Torn Angel is a phenomenal  6 Piece MetalCore Band out of VA.With over 4,200 likes on their facebook page ,they have built up a strong fan base and those fans have voted this band to be the first ever Band Of The Week by The Pit Unsigned. When I think about the band ,I think about consistency. Ever song they put out is a Hit and the vocals ( Cleans or Screams ) seemed to be mastered to perfection.

Their members consist of:
  1. Brandon Castro: Vocals
  2. Colby Elswick: Vocals/Keys
  3. Davey Nicewander: Guitar
  4. Philip Cyrus: Guitar
  5. Michael Olivares: Bass/Vocals
  6. Shane Cyrus: Drums  
                   Until The Day I Die ( Cover )

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sykopath Condor: Review For Their Single (Fire & Blood)

                      SYKOPATH CONDOR

   Sykopath Condor is an Unsigned Hard Rock Band out of the United Kingdom. The band formed in 2010 and started playing gigs in late 2011. Recently they have been showcasing their skills in The Battle Of The Bands and will be playing in the finals on December 13, 2012. London, Northampton, Luton and St Albans are a few of the cities the band presents their edgy style of Rock.                                                               There are 4 members in the band:

  •  George Zafirakis - Vocals
  •  Kai Wolf - Guitar 
  • Ashley Clark - Bass 
  • Ashley Morton - Drums/backing vocals

After hearing the song, one time, I felt honored to be able to lay down a review for this up and coming band. I can only Imagine that the rest of the album will bring this band to the fore front of the Hard Rock music scene around the London area and across the World. The new album will be out in early 2013.



Track Review:

  1. FIRE & BLOOD: With an abundance of good bands coming together all over the world, there has to be a band with a prolific sound to make you want to hear their track over and over. Fire & Blood has that sound and belongs in a category of incredible songs that need to be consumed by Hard Rock fans around the globe. As the guitar and drums open up the track it sets the stage for what feels like the ascent to the sky as you ride the Sykopathic Condor. If you were like me you have already began to feel the music of this song and ready for your flight. The vocals are outstanding starting with some very calm cleans and bringing in enough screams to give it that Hard Rock to Metal feel throughout the song. It ends with some masterful drumming from Ashley and brings a close to what felt like a journey over a fire charred land with blood spread everywhere.The song is a work of art, along with its lyrics and I will continue to spread the word about this band.

                                               The Pit Unsigned