Wednesday, October 22, 2014


                            Something Clever

Recently I contacted the band about their upcoming "War On Hunger" show coming up on Sunday November 9th at Amos Southend in Charlotte NC,what the rest of the year will be like and a little about their music.


  • Adam Nelson - Vocals
  • Kelly Flusk - Lead Guitar
  • Brett Baker - Guitar
  • Colt Crevar - Bass/Vocals
  • Dylan Roles - Drums

I know music means a lot to Something Clever, but the band has a show coming up with a bigger agenda? Tell us a little bit about the "WAR ON HUNGER" Show, how it came about and what it means to the band.

Yes! Our show “WAR ON HUNGER” is coming up at Amos’ Southend on November 9th. Tickets are 10 dollars, and we are playing with our friends in A Light Divided, Falling Through April and ISH. 
The idea came around when we decided that we wanted to put on a headlining show in November. We instantly thought of thanksgiving and started to come up with ideas on how to try and incorporate helping the community with our music. So, we decided to get Second Harvest involved to get some canned goods ready in time for the holidays, and in return we are giving away a free autographed photo for those who bring cans! 

 Will this become an annual show and where can tickets be purchased?

It would definitely be cool to make it an annual show, but we haven’t really talked about it! We will have to see how it goes this year and see if we will be able to do it again next year! Good idea!

 The band has released two new songs lately that 
is available for FREE right now on your reverbnation page. I got a chance to review these songs and know how great they are,but what are your fans saying about the two tracks? 

We’ve gotten a lot of cool comments about the songs! A lot of people are saying that they can’t get the singles out of their heads and that they are very catchy! That is definitely something that we wanted to achieve with the two singles so it’s great to hear that kind of feedback. 

Will there be any new songs previously unreleased brought to life at "The War On Hunger" Show 

There will absolutely be new never before heard original music at this show! 

 I have noticed that Something Clever is one of those bands that sounds AWESOME LIVE,which is not always the case with bands. Is this something the band really practices to achieve or is the band just that damn good?

People come out to the show to see a performance. We try our absolute best to make it worth their while with incorporating things that they just can’t get from listening to mp3’s. It is very important to us to make that connection with the crowd, enjoying ourselves on stage and making our live show the very best it can be. We put our all into our shows so its great to hear that people are enjoying it!

I noticed recently the band had a photo shoot with Justin Kates.He has one of the sickest styles of photography in the scene and you can always spot his work.His photos have also been in several issues of The Pit Unsigned Magazine. What was it like working with him ? 

Justin Kates is an awesome guy and a magician behind a lens. The photography session was very professional and laid back at the same time. We love how our photos came out and we will definitely be working with him again in the future! 

What can we expect to see from Something Clever the rest of the year? Will you be winding down or is there more exciting things ahead to finish the year with a bang?

 Our “wind down” point for this year is certainly coming to an end. We had a little writing/planning break from about June-October, with a few shows in between. So the rest of this year and into 2015 we will have some cool surprises and we will be playing a lot of shows so keep your eyes peeled!


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