Monday, February 4, 2013


Tattermask is a 4 piece female fronted Rock Band formed in 2007. It was formed from JOSH and ADAMS former band Flatline. They were recently nominated with 4 other bands for The Pit Unsigned's Band Of The Week and won. Their fans came out in strong support to boost them to the lead and they held that spot for the entire week. I recently got to see the band live at AMOS' SOUTHEND and quickly realized why the fans supported them with so much passion. I have listened to the band many times since I started The Pit Unsigned, but being able to see them live brought chill bumps to my arms.It was like finally getting to meet a band you really love to listen to, for the first time and being STARSTRUCK. They sounded Incredible and you could tell how much playing on that stage meant to them. Some of the things that really stood out to me was how bad@ss the DRUMMER (ADAM)  sounded, how gnarly HARLEY looked,  the way JOSH made playing guitar look so easy and the great sound and stage presence coming from AMANDA. I have also noticed that Tattermask keeps the fans involved with projects in the band. In the last couple of weeks they gave the fans a chance to design their next shirt design with the winner receiving $50.00, a free shirt with their design and 2 tickets to an upcoming show. Hopefully soon I will be able to see them again live,but I am telling you now, if you have never had the chance to see this band live are hear their music you need to check out the links below.


                         AMANDA CAINES - GUITAR / VOCALS

FUN FACT: AMANDA once tried out for American Idol and did not make it pass the first round. She collects Owl Figurines and is afraid of yellow jackets.

                              JOSH WRIGHT / LEAD GUITAR

 FUN FACT: When Josh used to play in a band with Adams older brother JOEL, they threw ADAM'S cymbal stand in a pool cause he sounded so bad. He is deathly afraid of heights and collects autographs from bands he has met.

                                    ADAM BLACKMON / DRUMS

FUN FACT: Although ADAM has not been the drummer the entire time TATTERMASK has been together,he is the original drummer from when the band started in 2007. He loves collecting cheap DVDs.

                                      HARLEY QUINN / BASS

FUN FACT: Before Harley was in the band she worked in a maze at SCAREWINDS that played 2 TATTERMASK songs, ( DEATH OF ME & DOWN ) and was surprised to learn from a friend that one of the bands she had been listening to was looking for a bassist. She is also addicted to Candy Canes and stockpiles them at Christmas so she can eat them all year.



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