Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Something Clever - "Best Laid Plans" Song Review

                                          SOMETHING CLEVER
                                            SONG REVIEW



  • Adam Nelson - VOCALS
  • Kelly Flusk - LEAD GUITAR
  • Chris St. Hilaire - GUITAR
  • Colt Crevar - BASS/VOCALS
  • Dylan Roles - DRUMS
                                    ROCK OUT OF NORTH CAROLINA

"BEST LAID PLANS" - Song Review
  • Recently I was contacted by the band about doing a review for their new - soon to be released song "Best Laid Plans" do out on June 1st.I had already seen the Coming Soon Post the band added to their Facebook page and was Freaking Stoked to the max with anticipation.Little did I know that the band would be contacting me just a few days after that post to not only let me hear it for the first time ,but do a review for it.Before I clicked play I just took a moment and reflected back on how AWESOME their last single release "Freaks Like You" was and hoped they could maintain the momentum they had built after adding new lead singer ADAM NELSON a short time ago.That song had become one of my favorite songs and if it had been played on any national radio rotation,it would have been requested to death.I will start off by telling you as the song began to play I begin to SMILE.I knew this band had put together another GEM and their fans were going to go INSANE when they heard it.With any band it's all about chemistry and this band is having fun mixing together a string of hits that will make for one sick Album or EP in the near future.The song kicks off with some distortion from the band,before Adam brings it to life with Vocals that he has put his own stamp own that is called PERFECTION.This dude can flat out sing and the bigger the song the more power he brings.The song is fun and just Like "Freaks Like You" it's another song you want to sing to..........and sing loud !!!!!!! Kelly showcases her skills with ease about half way through the song for about 30 seconds of Blazing Aggression on her axe and I could have literally listen to hear play for 30 more.It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!From the KILLER drum work to Colt mastering his Bass Guitar you can definitely get a feel for the direction the band is heading in and that direction is straight up.Be on the lookout JUNE 1st and you will see why I am so hyped up on this band.Till then you can watch the video for "Freaks Like You" below.

                                        "FREAKS LIKE YOU"


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