Saturday, December 22, 2012


                       WAR TORN ANGEL

War Torn Angel is a phenomenal  6 Piece MetalCore Band out of VA.With over 4,200 likes on their facebook page ,they have built up a strong fan base and those fans have voted this band to be the first ever Band Of The Week by The Pit Unsigned. When I think about the band ,I think about consistency. Ever song they put out is a Hit and the vocals ( Cleans or Screams ) seemed to be mastered to perfection.

Their members consist of:
  1. Brandon Castro: Vocals
  2. Colby Elswick: Vocals/Keys
  3. Davey Nicewander: Guitar
  4. Philip Cyrus: Guitar
  5. Michael Olivares: Bass/Vocals
  6. Shane Cyrus: Drums  
                   Until The Day I Die ( Cover )

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sykopath Condor: Review For Their Single (Fire & Blood)

                      SYKOPATH CONDOR

   Sykopath Condor is an Unsigned Hard Rock Band out of the United Kingdom. The band formed in 2010 and started playing gigs in late 2011. Recently they have been showcasing their skills in The Battle Of The Bands and will be playing in the finals on December 13, 2012. London, Northampton, Luton and St Albans are a few of the cities the band presents their edgy style of Rock.                                                               There are 4 members in the band:

  •  George Zafirakis - Vocals
  •  Kai Wolf - Guitar 
  • Ashley Clark - Bass 
  • Ashley Morton - Drums/backing vocals

After hearing the song, one time, I felt honored to be able to lay down a review for this up and coming band. I can only Imagine that the rest of the album will bring this band to the fore front of the Hard Rock music scene around the London area and across the World. The new album will be out in early 2013.



Track Review:

  1. FIRE & BLOOD: With an abundance of good bands coming together all over the world, there has to be a band with a prolific sound to make you want to hear their track over and over. Fire & Blood has that sound and belongs in a category of incredible songs that need to be consumed by Hard Rock fans around the globe. As the guitar and drums open up the track it sets the stage for what feels like the ascent to the sky as you ride the Sykopathic Condor. If you were like me you have already began to feel the music of this song and ready for your flight. The vocals are outstanding starting with some very calm cleans and bringing in enough screams to give it that Hard Rock to Metal feel throughout the song. It ends with some masterful drumming from Ashley and brings a close to what felt like a journey over a fire charred land with blood spread everywhere.The song is a work of art, along with its lyrics and I will continue to spread the word about this band.

                                               The Pit Unsigned 

Friday, November 16, 2012

DIRTY LITTLE REBEL EP Review ( Tend To Offend )

Every once in awhile, a band comes along that totally takes what everybody else is doing and just throws that shit out the window. The first time I listened to DIRTY LITTLE REBELS I was amazed at what I was hearing and could only think Wow, where has a band with this incredible sound been for the last 20 years. It was like the Rock bands I had listened to in the 80's and Early 90's had reincarnated with a fresh feel that just seemed right. The Rock/Punk style is embedded in their DNA and it runs deep. You cannot just start playing this style of music and think you can pull it off. It has to brew in your soul and in this case three Rock Driven Souls out of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. DIRTY LITTLE REBEL was created by Rebel Rogers and Dizzy D in early 2012, although when you listen to their new EP their sound tells you different. The well polished sound of the trio has a matured sound that bands normally dial into after about 2 to 3 albums. The third member goes by J to complete this masterful lineup. With all good Punk Rockers you have to have an Attitude that is just freaking cool, these boys have mastered their genre. As you listen to this band there are a couple of songs that have heavy punk influences, but I'm not going to lie to you, this band reminds me a lot of Motley Crue in certain songs and bands that played the Sunset Strip in the 80's.Maybe even a little like the Murderdolls on some songs.

                                                               DIZZY D

                                                        Rebel Rogers


This is an album that is infectious, the more you listen to it, the more you bang your head, pretend your drumming in the air and slay on an air guitar as if you were part of the band.The album is very good and the band sounds tight when they are playing . Tend To Offend is a solid EP and the quality of the songs are well recorded. This album takes you back when music was rebellious, but also fun to listen to.

  1. Sleaze Driven Army: As soon as this song comes on you realize right off the jump, you are fixing to hear a style of music you have not heard in a long time. It will take you back, I promise you and if you were like me, you will get a big smile on your face. This is a strong song to start the album with and it sets the tone for what is about to come. Love how the guitar starts the song, then drums and after that a throwback voice that fits perfect to the style of the band.
  2. Susie:This is by far the best song on the EP. With many impressive tracks to choose from, this was the one that I could not stop listening to over and over. It is Kick@ss from the opening lick and keeps you rocking throughout the last note.
  3. Devil Show: After a barrage of what seem like rock anthems you start hearing some of that Punk and Sleaze style a little more in this outstanding song. Impressive guitar work and stellar vocals help prove this is going to be a band with a strong following in the near future.
  4. Reckless Love:This has to be the most Punk influenced song on the whole album. I posted a link to the video below this review.When you watch the video and listen to the song you shake your head in amazement at the mature sound that is coming from this young band.The sound and Punk attitude has to be their way of life, because it sounds so GENUINE.
  5. Too Hard To Resist:Should have been named To Good To Resist.With some High Screams and Killer guitar work,the old school Rock sound helps complete an Ep that will be destined for greatness in the near future.There will be many good reviews and massive amounts of fans gained by the pure Rock sound of DIRTY LITTLE REBELS.

                             Reckless Love


                                          THE PIT UNSIGNED

Sunday, October 7, 2012



Recently, I was able to conduct an interview with the Metal band LIFEMARE and learn a little about the them, but first I want to tell you about my thrilling experience of seeing them live at Somewhere Else Tavern in Greensboro, N.C. I have been listening to the band for weeks now, on Youtube, Reverbnation and their Facebook page. I knew how talented the band is,but nothing could prepare me for the all out assault of brutalizing sound and vocals that I witnessed. I was astounded at how great the band sounded live and the show that every member of the band mesmerized us with.I have seen many shows and I must say that Jennacide (Lead Singer) had some of the best vocals I had ever heard live in any venue.

Youtube Channel:

The Band Members

  1. Jennacide-Vocals
  2. Andi Khaos-Guitar
  3. Jess Insidious- Bass
  4. Eyeball X-Drums

The Pit Unsigned:
Where did the name Lifemare come from and what does it mean?
LIFEMARE: At the time we formed the band we were all experiencing in one way or another that some part of our lives seemed to become a nightmare imposing itself on reality. A Lifemare is when your life is a living nightmare that you can't escape. It is appropriate for us because that type of entrapment is universally experienced by everybody at some point.

The Pit Unsigned: Have there been any lineup changes in the band?
LIFEMARE: We have tried a few different musicians in the formation of this band, but the core exists as it is today with the four of us. 

The Pit Unsigned: What bands have influenced Lifemare the most?
LIFEMARE: We are all very different, and we draw from different types of metal, hardcore and punk influences spanning many decades. There are simply too many too name.

The Pit Unsigned: I know you guys are based out of the Greensboro area,do you
mainly play local clubs are do you travel around and play different clubs around the state? 
LIFEMARE: We are working on building our local presence and are branching out in North Carolina and the surrounding states for shows. You know, it's like the nip... I mean the ripple effect. 

The Pit Unsigned: What are the musicals backgrounds of everyone in the band?
LIFEMARE: Andi has been playing guitar for around 14 years. She has had an acoustic solo project, a band based out of King, N.C. and previously played in a band with Jess. 
Jess has been playing bass for over ten years, and played previously in several bands in Maine, California and North Carolina. 
This is Jenna's first endeavor as lead vocalist for any band but, has played guitar in various bands over the last ten years in N.C. 
Eyeball is the most eclectic of us and has been playing piano since he was six, marched in drumline in high school, has played guitar in various bands such as: Cedar Stump; played Drums for: Nightwing, Releas'd Chaos, Hemlock Vinetongue, and Floor13; has played as Bassist/frontman: Fleamarket Hotrod and is also a member of Mystery Square.

The Pit Unsigned: What is the biggest crowd Lifemare have played for so far?
LIFEMARE: We had the honor to open up for the Kung Fu Dykes a few months ago and played for a crowd of a little over 200 at a local club (The Somewhere Else Tavern).

The Pit Unsigned: Have you had the chance yet to play with any National Acts?
LIFEMARE: Not yet.. but we are certainly open to new experiences. 

The Pit Unsigned: Who is the creative mind behind all the songwriting?
LIFEMARE: We all contribute in some way. Jenna, Andi and Jess all contribute lyrics; Andi and Jenna write guitar parts and Jess writes all her bass parts, and Eyeball makes beats, bakes cookies and keeps his damn mouth shut. We all email each other new ideas and it all comes together at practice. 

The Pit Unsigned: What was it about the song The Liar,that led the band to make it your first big release? 
LIFEMARE: That song is really powerful and straight forward and says it all in the name and lyrics. There is nothing cryptic in the words. It's about not letting people who bold face lie to you get away with it for any reason. 

The Pit Unsigned: What type of feedback has Lifemare been getting for The Liar and will you make an official video for this song?
LIFEMARE: We have had tons of great feedback on it so far from our fellow musicians and fans! As far a video, its a possibility...

The Pit Unsigned: Who did you work with to record the single The Liar and how was it working with them?
LIFEMARE: We recorded it with Jamie King so every aspect of recording was top notch. Jamie is a musical Jedi who uses the force to extract the best out of all of us. He was easy to work with, highly professional and untouchable as far has his production quality and taste. We would record again with him in a heart beat... and already have scheduled more dates with him to record for 2012. 

The Pit Unsigned: Do you guys plan on releasing an album or Ep soon?
LIFEMARE: Yes.. be looking out in the year of 13... That is if we live past December 21st of this year. Bruhahahaha... 

The Pit Unsigned: What about merchandise,have you been able to put out
anything yet?Is it something Lifemare will be doing in the future? 
LIFEMARE: So far we only have stickers. We are in the process of designing and will have more Lifemare paraphernalia available soon. But for now we are thinking of items such as used Lifemare panties and boxers to be available after each show, for $69 a pair; limited availability post-show only. 

The Pit Unsigned: I want to say,After listening to this band there is something
special going on with this group and I wish Lifemare the best of
luck in the future. 
LIFEMARE: Right on! Thanks for the interview PIT Unsigned fucking rules!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Widower Ep Review for ( Nights Like These )

Widower is an unsigned melodic beardcore band out of Illinois.They were founded in 2012 and consist of these members,Tim Sheridan-Vocals,James Spannraft-Guitar,Johnathan Schiffley-Bass/Vocals and Nik Pagliai-Drums.The bands major influences are Stick To Your Guns,Hundredth,Misery Signals and While She Sleeps.The first song I heard from the band was the killer track Eames:The Forger and instantly knew this band had an incredible sound.The band was already working on their debut Ep Nights Like These and it was not going to be long before they were bringing it out.During the wait they released the single Sarif and made a video for it.The band brought out a humorous video for the song and it has been viewed 1,168 in just 1 month on youtube.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RAIMEE EP Review (Of Roses And Ravens)


Raimee is a female fronted unsigned hard rock band from Boone,NC. They have been influenced by many bands ( HIM, Nightwish, Coheed and Cambria, The Dresden Dolls, Dommin, Kamelot, Meg & Dia, Eisley, The Rasmus and Within Temptation ) but the band I hear the most is got to be Evanescence, not just the group Evanescence but the strong voice behind the group Amy Lee. Rei Haycraft, the lead singer of RAIMEE has a voice that is just as strong and more beautiful than just about anyone I have ever heard singing her style of music.Its INCREDIBLE.
The first song I ever heard the band sing was THE SACRIFICE.I could not believe how good it was and I immediately wanted more.So I ordered the bands Ep which is a split Ep with another band Reconnaissance.
When the disk came in and I started playing it, I quickly realized that this was a monumental Ep.


I want to try and give a quick review of the six songs (All of which were the odd numbers on the disk) and what I thought of the album.
  1. VIOLET-I liked this song from the moment the band kicked in.It was not my favorite song in the beginning,but it is now.I think the mixture of the band playing hard throughout and REI'S voice with a few low growls,makes this the perfect song in my mind.
  2. 6 FEET-This song is mostly dominated in the beginning by REI with the band coming in about halfway,playing to the end.All though the range and control in her voice is outstanding, to me this song is at its best when the band is fully into it and Rei is singing the chorus.
  3. More Than Cake (The Companion Cube Song)-The first couple of times I heard this song I was not crazy about the beginning and end of the song,since then it has grown on me.The middle of this song is very good.I will say, to me, this was probably the one song that needed to grow on me.
  4. THE SACRIFICE-I will never forget the day I heard this song.After many times of playing it over and over,I thought to myself this has got to be one of the greatest voices I had ever heard.Most of the song is very slow till the end when the band comes in,but trust me,it should not be any other way.
  5. FAREWELL-Along with singing REI plays the piano beautifully in this song.Its one of the best tracks on the album.The band comes in about 3/4 ways into the song and gives it just enough to feed this story to the end.
     6.  Z (BONUS HIDDEN TRACK)-This track was only music playing

This is a very strong album and out of 5 stars I would have to give it 4 1/2 .If anyone would like to see more of RAIMEE you can catch them on their facebook page: