Wednesday, April 3, 2013

VARNA EP REVIEW ( This Time It's Personal )



       I want to start out by saying that this band has plenty of potential to make it a long way in the music business. They have a sound that will appeal to a massive amount of listeners and with a little help could be known globally. Their vocalist Tiana has great control in her voice, but I personally would like to see her push her range a little further. I am not saying this because I do not like her vocals, cause I do, LOVE her voice actually,I just believe she is holding back so much power. The 3 piece band was born in 2010 in Los Angeles under the name "LIVING EULOGY" but later changed it to the name of the street their rehearsal studio is on,Which is "VARNA". To them this is wear everything came together and the beginning of dreams were coming true. They are a hard working do it yourself band and the effort they put in, has rewarded us,the fans,with a kick@ss EP that has began to spread like an epidemic across the airwaves of the U.S. and U.K.


  • Tiana Woods - VOCALS
  • Rossen Pinkas - GUITAR
  • Rob Shin - DRUMS


This Time It's Personal Ep Review:
  1. DOWN - As this track opens up you get a taste of the hard rock side of the band with a heavy dose of drums and guitar.Its a great mixture of heaviness before bringing in the the AWESOME vocals of Tiana that seems to blend perfectly with the punishing play of the band. This song is STRONG and VARNA has grabbed your attention from the opening lick and will not relinquish it ,till the song strikes its final note. 
  2. MY HEART - I know the first track "DOWN" seems to be the single they are pushing the most on this EP,but in my opinion this is the GEM of the album. This song is Incredible and I love the energy. I believe Tiana must enjoy singing this track,cause it seems so effortless as she sings it. Being in the middle of the EP, this track feels like the heart that is pumping the blood to the rest of the album. It is such a strong song and leaves me eagerly waiting to hear more tracks on a full length.
  3. RUNNING AWAY - This is another bad@ss song which is dominated by some AWESOME guitar work, that you hear throughout the whole track. It help complete an EP that is brilliantly put together and beautifully mastered. About a minute in, this song finds its true Identity and begins to produce that AMAZING sound you have heard throughout the EP.  


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