Monday, January 28, 2013


                                           LUNA'S LAMENT

  Luna's Lament is a 4 piece Hard Rock/Metal band out of NC. Their mysterious sound of Metal is infectious and travels fast through your blood and sinks deep in your brain. They are also one of the hardest working bands in the scene with events scheduled every weekend from now to July. Morgan is not only a singer with great vocals, she is also a performer. When you put the two together along with the Killer play from the rest of the band Kim ( Guitar ), David ( Bass ) and Neal on drums you get the PERFECT COMBINATION that is called LUNA'S LAMENT. The band is currently working on 4 new songs and should have them ready in the next couple of months. They are also working on new merch designs. They will be selling them at shows and some on their online store in the near future. If you want to download some of Luna's Lament's music they have two tracks that are available for FREE Download on their reverbnation page listed in the links below. Fans show Band Of The Week winners how much they appreciate the heart and soul they pour into their music and that is what Luna's Lament leaves on the stage every time they play a show.


  • Morgan Riley: Vocals
  • Kim Kimniption Karnes:  Guitar
  • David Fugman: Bass
  • Neal Ward: Drums


                                          " SAVE MY HEAD"

  • Saturday February 9th 8 p.m. @ Shawns in Roanoke Rapids , NC 
  • Saturday February 16th 8 p.m. @ Firewater 110 in Rock Hill , SC
  • Saturday February 23rd 9 p.m. @ The House in Simpsonville , SC
  • Saturday April 6th 8 p.m. @ Firewater 110 in Rock Hill , SC


Tuesday, January 22, 2013



With an all out barrage of votes by their fans, Amnesis narrowly held off a back and forth war that lasted a solid week. Their fans are persistent and knew that loosing BAND OF THE WEEK was not an option for their band. Amnesis is a five piece outfit out of NC that delivers a satisfying metal solution to the question,Where is metal headed? By the sound of their music it is definitely in the right direction.They have 4 songs you can check out on their BAND PROFILE and although there music and singing is heavy as hell, it still to the point where it's very well received. I love everything about this band their The Energy,The Vocals and the way they seem to connect with their fans. They are also putting together an album right now and at this time I am not sure when it will be finished, but once you check these guys out I am certain you will be following this band and should see the updates on AMNESIS facebook page. I wish the band the best of luck in the future,especially with the new album and I will continue to update everyone on the happenings of the band at THE PIT UNSIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Jaysun Brenneman - Vocals
  • Hajji Grape - Guitar
  • Jason Miller - Guitar
  • Tony LeFalce Jr. - Bass/Keys
  • Chris Swayney - Drums



Wednesday, January 16, 2013




With influences from bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Killswitch Engage , Alice In Chains, Trivium and Pantera, Through The Fallen has created a unique Metal Sound that has catapulted them to "BAND OF THE WEEK" at The Pit Unsigned. With the band's fans coming out in full force, they are not just telling us they need to be this weeks winner, but they are putting everyone on notice that Through The Fallen needs to be heard and that is exactly what is going to happen for the next week. It has got to make the band proud to see how much their fans appreciate the exhilarating music they have worked so hard on and see how much we all ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!! The Effort is there,the talent is obvious and the overall product they put out on that stage, EP, Album or Video is RELENTLESS.They are a 4 piece band out of ASHEVILLE NC who loves playing live in as many places possible.They are also working on new material and should have that out around March.


  • Scott Burwell - Vocals/Guitar
  • Chad Barnwell - Guitar/Vox
  • Ryan Fox - Bass
  • Sam Steele - Drums

                                           FOREVER WAR


Sunday, January 6, 2013


                                     A COURSE OF ACTION

Without a doubt one of the best pure Rock Bands you will ever hear and if you have listened to this band one time, you are most likely still listening to their addictive Rock sound to this day. It does not surprise me at all that A COURSE OF ACTION is The Band Of The Week. Along with their Killer songs, the band also has some of the most devoted fans I have seen.They support them in every thing they do and the band always keeps them informed and involved. It is like every fan they have, is truly a member of their own family.

                                   ONE STEP FROM DOWN

The Band contributes their sound to bands like Alice In Chains , Alterbridge , Chevelle , Sevendust and TOOL, BUT , the band I hear the most in their music would have to be EVE TO ADAM out of New York. A Course Of Action's music is smooth and nothing out powers anything else in the band which makes it so easy to listen to. If you have never had the chance to listen to this band do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Let the band know what you think and I guarantee you will  not only hear some of the best music you ever listen to but find some of the best people you could have ever met.


  • Johnathan Byrd
  • John Culberson
  • Wes Johnson
  • JT Silvestri                                                                                                                                                 

The band is also a part of:

                                THE PIT UNSIGNED presents 
                       STRUGGLES FROM THE PIT VOLUME 1