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Anthems Of Imperium " INTERVIEW"

                              ANTHEMS OF IMPERIUM


1. First of all, what do you think people should know about Anthems Of Imperium ?

We want people to know that we are here really, we put a lot of hard work and dedication into everything we do, we have worked as a band for the past year just writing songs and feeding off each other to make something we consider great. We just want our music to be heard and some honest feedback because we always strive to play better and perform better. We don’t just do it for ourselves, we do it so we can reach out and connect with others and hopefully relate to them through our music and maybe even empower them to stand up for what they believe in.

2. How did you decide on the name for the band?

It took a lot of time to decide on a name we feel the name gives the image of songs that are upbeat and melodic yet powerful and heavy. Anthems of Imperium means “songs of dominate power” and we try to keep that meaning in every song we do.

3. Where you guys close friends before the band came about?

Some of us knew each other before, as we looked for the right members we brought in friends and former members of previous bands that we were in, and knew that they would take the time and dedication to make something happen. Over the past year we have became closer and our more like a family and as we get closer as a band we become better as musicians.

4. What drove each one of you guys to music and the desire to be in a band?

Women and Alcohol! Just kidding well some of us ;), but we all have probably the same motivation and influences to do so, just like so many others and that is having a good time and making something out of nothing. It’s amazing to just have a band, some of us just started as a hobby and became something more, but the feeling you get when you find some fellow musicians and click and are able to just go on stage together and get a response from the crowd and even starting a mosh pit is undeniably a insane feeling and still keeps us going even on the down time between shows, we work on new material just for that purpose, that’s what it’s all about not money or being signed its about people getting something out of what you create and that’s what feeds the desire to be in a band.

5. What genre of music do you label your band?

We came into this band without a genre in mind but as we progressed and used each other’s different styles it turned into a sound of its own with each song having its own feel. If we had to label ourselves we would have to say Metal/Metalcore, we normally just say metal but there are so many different styles of metal it’s good to see that, but categorizing ourselves coming from such different backgrounds is hard to do sometimes.

6. How many songs have you put out and do you have any links to EP's or Albums?

As of now we have just two songs that we have had recorded in studio since March and released. We have many that we play live, and we have enough to basically do an entire album it’s just a costly process and are working on doing one song at a time because it’s just how we have to do it, releasing an entire album would be a major accomplishment, but it is costly and we just have to take all the money we earn from shows and merchandise goes to keeping our gear going and towards more studio time. Links for our songs and as we make more songs can be found on facebook, Soundcloud, and Reverbnation to listen and download these songs, also have a couple lyric videos on YouTube.

7. Do you have any hobbies away from the band?

We all have jobs and families and use most of our free time towards our band not a lot of time for hobbies. Our guitarist Joey is trying to get his apprenticeship to be a tattoo artist and is probably the only interesting hobby in the group, but Jesse does all our lyric videos and fliers so the digital thing is kind of his hobby.

8. Where does Anthems of Imperium mainly play their shows and what is your favorite venue to play?

We play anywhere there are ears listening and appreciate any venue giving a metal band a chance there are limited venues it seems for metal bands locally but the few that do in our area like The Hideaway, The Casbah, Poor Richards, and The Mecca Lounge are highly respected by us for letting our band and other metal bands from the area come out and perform. We just got our 6x10 trailer and we are about to head out of town and state on weekends for now so hopefully we will find a lot of venues that can be added to our favorites list.

9. I know it is tough being in an Unsigned Band. What are some of the obstacles you face?

It's tough as a new band making our debut because there are so many great bands out there so it is just trying to find our way to stand out in the crowd, we do work giving out demos inviting people to shows, sacrificing a lot of time and money for what we feel is a good cause, and that is making our music heard. Most troubles can be summed up by financial but we don’t worry about that we just worry about the next song the next gig and improving ourselves as we go. Time is always a factor we have a lot of responsibilities so we can’t just go on tour and leave everything like jobs and family so we have to play it by ear and keep moving forward and in the down time just practice and work on new material.

10. Is it tough to find time to practice? Where do you practice?

We practice mainly at our vocalist’s house in his Den, but occasionally a couple of us get together at someone else’s house to play. It is very tough to work around five schedules to get together but luckily have a dedicated group of guys who make plenty of sacrifices to get together whether it is all of us or a combination of us.

11. What would you say is the one band that introduced each one of you to ROCK or METAL?

We have all summed it down to Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Ozzy, Children of Bodom.

12. The song "The System" is the track you sent me to be on Struggles from the Pit, is that the bands favorite?

" The System "

No, each member has his own favorite song that we like. The reason we picked The System for struggles from the pit because it is our newest recording and believe it gives a good representation of us and really would like to show our appreciation for consideration to be on the compilation, so thank you from all of us at AOI \m/

13. Are you working on any new music?

Always, with five members who all write in our band there is always new material being worked on and new songs being inspired every time we play, Currently we are working on our new song “Call to Arms” and it is turning into just an amazing song it’s still only about 90% complete but we will have it done in enough time to debut at our next show and possibly will do it for our next studio track.

14. Who does most of the recording and mastering for your music?

We always go to Troy Whitson from the Sound Asylum and he does an amazing job and is a great guy all around, there are many recording companies around but we always have to go to Troy he works hard and is patient with us and always gives us the sound we want.

15. Is there a strong Rock and Metal presence in your area of Tennessee?

There are many talented bands from our area and a lot of them are rock and metal! We always show our support and do shows with many of them and are good friends with many. It is so good to see how many good bands are in our area and one day people might see that Tennessee isn’t just country and bluegrass but an all around hot spot for Metal and many genres of music.

16. Where can fans purchase any Anthems of Imperium merchandise and what items have you guys created?

Right now we have available stickers and shirts and they are all located in our web store at this is our first run of shirts we are printing we spared no expense having our artwork graphic done by Bloodboy and he is an epic artist all the way from Germany and hope to do more with him in the future. We are also going to have another graphic done by our good friend and endorser that we have had with us from day one Daniel from Drella Apparel and Stiff Kitten designs who has done all our logos including the one on our shirt print and stickers, we highly recommend his work to anyone.

17. How important is it for the band to be signed one day? Could you be unsigned with thousands of fans that truly support the band, be added to big tours, sell lots of merchandise and be happy?

We think it would great to be signed one day just to know that you have the skills to be backed by a label that thinks you have something worth backing, but it’s not as important as having people just appeal to what we’re doing and our music we don’t need a label to do what we love and we don’t need to be famous we are here to make music and we’re in it for the long term. Most successful bands have been together for years and some take years to write albums and nobody says a word about their label they know them as the band that made that awesome album or song and we want that, even if it is just a few people if we do that we have accomplished something.

18. Lastly, I want to say it was a honor having Anthems of Imperium on the Compilation "Struggles from the Pit” Volume 2 .Your sound is Incredible. Do you have any closing thoughts you would like to add? 

Just that we really appreciate The Pit Unsigned and what you are doing for us and all the many other talented unsigned artists and feel privileged to be featured on Struggles from the Pit - Volume 2 \m/ We hope that you keep an eye on us and what we have coming because we have only just begun and we are not stopping anytime soon!

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