Friday, September 28, 2012

Widower Ep Review for ( Nights Like These )

Widower is an unsigned melodic beardcore band out of Illinois.They were founded in 2012 and consist of these members,Tim Sheridan-Vocals,James Spannraft-Guitar,Johnathan Schiffley-Bass/Vocals and Nik Pagliai-Drums.The bands major influences are Stick To Your Guns,Hundredth,Misery Signals and While She Sleeps.The first song I heard from the band was the killer track Eames:The Forger and instantly knew this band had an incredible sound.The band was already working on their debut Ep Nights Like These and it was not going to be long before they were bringing it out.During the wait they released the single Sarif and made a video for it.The band brought out a humorous video for the song and it has been viewed 1,168 in just 1 month on youtube.

Before I start reviewing the 5 songs on the EP,I just want to say if you have not had the chance to check out this band you can check them out on their facebook page: .This is a band that will not let you down and have really brought a lot of talent to the songs they worked so hard on.You can also tell that Widower is not just good at what they do,but have fun doing it.
For anyone that wants to see the lyrics for the songs below click here Widower Night Like These Lyrics.Widower also has the Ep for free download at the link here Download Album .If you like the album you can name your price and give back to the band.

                                                        Album Review

  1. AUGMENT-This is personally my favorite song on the album.To me the band sounds brutal on this song and I love hearing the backup vocals.They could not have started the album off with a better song.It sets the stage for a ferocious barrage of hard hitting songs tracked on the EP.*Even though this is my favorite on the album that does not mean there is any let up,each song has its own unique quality.
  2. DEALING IN ABSOLUTES-this is the shortest song on the album,but is also the heaviest in my opinion.It is a killer track that does not let up from the time it starts till the time it ends.It is one of those songs that gets you hyped up and ready to mosh.There seems to be alot of anger in this song and you can feel it as the song plays out.Feeling the emotion is what makes this song one of the best on the EP.
  3. EAMES (THE FORGER)-There is always that one song that starts the connection you have with a band,for me it was this one.To me this is a hard hitting song of HOPE.Even though there is a lot of evil going on around us,its never too late to stand up for whats right and letting your heart lead the way.To me the guitars are what makes this song so great.
  4. BRAILLE-First of all I want to say the drums are relentless on this track and really grab your attention.It is a very good song with some great guitar work.Really enjoy the little bit of background vocals to go along with the screams from Tim.
  5. SARIF-The EP ends just like it started with another Killer song.With some timely guitar work,this song helps complete a album that pulls you in and does not let go of you till the last beat of the last song.

This is a Ep that needs to be on every ones playlist.If you do get it make sure you check out the lyrics to the songs,they are deep and well thought out.I would say this EP is at least 4 stars out of 5.

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