Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RAIMEE EP Review (Of Roses And Ravens)


Raimee is a female fronted unsigned hard rock band from Boone,NC. They have been influenced by many bands ( HIM, Nightwish, Coheed and Cambria, The Dresden Dolls, Dommin, Kamelot, Meg & Dia, Eisley, The Rasmus and Within Temptation ) but the band I hear the most is got to be Evanescence, not just the group Evanescence but the strong voice behind the group Amy Lee. Rei Haycraft, the lead singer of RAIMEE has a voice that is just as strong and more beautiful than just about anyone I have ever heard singing her style of music.Its INCREDIBLE.
The first song I ever heard the band sing was THE SACRIFICE.I could not believe how good it was and I immediately wanted more.So I ordered the bands Ep which is a split Ep with another band Reconnaissance.
When the disk came in and I started playing it, I quickly realized that this was a monumental Ep.


I want to try and give a quick review of the six songs (All of which were the odd numbers on the disk) and what I thought of the album.
  1. VIOLET-I liked this song from the moment the band kicked in.It was not my favorite song in the beginning,but it is now.I think the mixture of the band playing hard throughout and REI'S voice with a few low growls,makes this the perfect song in my mind.
  2. 6 FEET-This song is mostly dominated in the beginning by REI with the band coming in about halfway,playing to the end.All though the range and control in her voice is outstanding, to me this song is at its best when the band is fully into it and Rei is singing the chorus.
  3. More Than Cake (The Companion Cube Song)-The first couple of times I heard this song I was not crazy about the beginning and end of the song,since then it has grown on me.The middle of this song is very good.I will say, to me, this was probably the one song that needed to grow on me.
  4. THE SACRIFICE-I will never forget the day I heard this song.After many times of playing it over and over,I thought to myself this has got to be one of the greatest voices I had ever heard.Most of the song is very slow till the end when the band comes in,but trust me,it should not be any other way.
  5. FAREWELL-Along with singing REI plays the piano beautifully in this song.Its one of the best tracks on the album.The band comes in about 3/4 ways into the song and gives it just enough to feed this story to the end.
     6.  Z (BONUS HIDDEN TRACK)-This track was only music playing

This is a very strong album and out of 5 stars I would have to give it 4 1/2 .If anyone would like to see more of RAIMEE you can catch them on their facebook page:


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