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I Said Farewell " is a 5 Piece Unsigned Metalcore band out of Virginia, although I do not see them being unsigned for long. I recently got a chance to hear one of the bands songs ( FELICIA ) and was stunned at the quality of METAL that was feeding my starving metal soul. I immediately wanted more and got in touch with them about doing a review on an EP called " SHADOWS " they were working on. It was not just any review, I felt honored to have the chance to write it, because I loved the sound so much. With 60% screams and about 40% cleans you are given a broad range of vocals that should appeal to just about every Metal fan. Another thing that I really enjoyed was the quality of the cleans, which is not always the case with Metal Bands. This Quality of this EP is well made and the sound is superb, but its the overall feeling of hearing something GREAT that makes this EP so DAMN GOOD. If you have not had the chance to hear this group and you dig the sound of groups like WE CAME AS ROMANS & WAR Torn Angel, then prepare yourself for an SHADOWS an EP that you will be playing forever.


  • Lead Vocals - MIKE PATTERSON
  • Guitar 1 / Backing Vocals - JAY CONKLIN
  • Guitar 2 - TBD
  • Bass - DREW JOSLIN
  • Drums - KYLE O"NEIL



  1. BY THE WAY - This is a hard hitting fast paced song straight out the gate. Dominated by Screams,with a well placed dosage of cleans in the middle and end of song. The track is awesome and they could not have picked a More Kick@ss song to start this EP. You find out quickly this band is something special and you realize not only do they want you to truly feel what they are about,but they want you to let everyone else know also.
  2. THIS PAST - The drumming on this track is punishing and really gives this track the relentless edge of aggression while the cleans make you feel that everything will be okay. This song is at its best when the CLEANS & SCREAMS are voiced out together. Their is so much power in the vocals. Towards the end you get to hear some OUTSTANDING GUITAR WORK that helps bring the song to close. You can almost feel the sadness in the cleans and the screams are their to give you support.
  3. FELICIA - The song that started it all for me. You don't just listen to FELICIA you feel it. With an intro of keyboard or piano play that slowly drifts into an all out barrage of heaviness from the band, THIS SONG DEFINES " I SAID FAREWELL'S " signature sound.  This is what they are all about. The feeling of losing someone you love and trying to deal with the hurt that goes along with it. This song is GUT WRENCHING. Imagine believing in someone to the fullest and realizing its all a LIE. The EMOTION you feel in this song is the lasting Impression you are left with when this well designed METALCORE song comes to a close. One of My favorite tracks.
  4. JUST - " SHADOWS " ends just like it started, with another KILLER aggressive track with a few added cleans. The song is smooth and flows at a pace that ends to quickly. You want more, not only  more of this song, but more of this album. Ascending from the sounds of nothing guitars slowly bring this song to life. Everything seems so balanced with this song and nothing really overpowers anything else. It is the band coming together at their best to send us on our way. I LOVED THIS ALBUM,I LOVED THEIR SOUND and I REALLY ENJOYED WHAT THEY HAVE CREATED!!!!!!!!


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