Tuesday, March 5, 2013


                            MARS ON FIRE

      Mars on Fire is a 4 piece Metal Band out of IOWA and this weeks Band Of The Week winner at THE PIT UNSIGNED. The members are from SMALL towns in the midwest, but love to bring BIG TIME ENERGY to the fans that give them so much support. The band was formed in 2010 and they have quickly formed a loyal following of over 2000 fans on their facebook page. Some of the members come from other bands and you can here how polished these musicians are in the music they play today. They have recently finished up a 7 song DEMO and released a few tracks, but are still working hard to write new songs to put out a full length album this spring. This is a blue collar band and you can tell that music is not only a passion it is their LIFE. To go along with the album MARS ON FIRE will be hitting the road with some mini-tours during the Spring and Summer. While you are at the shows you can purchase some of the new Merchandise that they will have out soon. Its hearing bands like this that make covering bands at The Pit Unsigned so special and not only have I found out how great this band is, but everyone else following The Pit has to. I wish you guys luck in the future and will be looking forward to that album.


  • VOCALS - Eugene Waage
  • DRUMS - Jared Albertson
  • BASS - John Hatterman
  • Guitar - Tommy Westrom

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