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                                         DEAD OAKS

Hailing from what seems to be a hotbed of Rock and Metal, ( Asheville NC ), Dead Oaks was formed in July of 2012. Although they have not been together long they have put together the PERFECT COMBINATION of DEATHCORE and blasted on the scene. They have been recording with COLOSSAL STUDIOS in NC and have finally finished up their new EP, EMBRACING DISHONOR. With an Interview with The Pit Unsigned, New Merch and an EP that is sure to leave moshpits battered and bruised throughout the area, 2013 will be coming in with much excitement for DEAD OAKS. I look forward to watching this band grow and seeing them live in the near future.


  • WEST HILYER - Vocals
  • DANIEL DAVIS - Drums

                                          INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1 - 6

1. How did DEAD OAKS come together as a band?

2. What is the inspiration behind the name DEAD OAKS?

3. What is some of the most difficult obstacles for a young band trying to make in the scene today?

4. Who or what influenced each member the most to get into the music scene?

5. Tell me a little about some of your favorite bands and which bands introduced you to Rock & Metal

6. When did DEAD OAKS come together as a band and how long was it before you started playing shows?

                                            DEAD OAKS ANSWERS 1-6

                                 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 6 -14

6.  How long was it before you started playing shows?

7.  Has the band been able to put together any merch and where can it be purchased?

8.  I have noticed there is a lot of good rock and metal coming out of the Asheville area, what do you think is             the biggest reason for this?  

9.  I know the band has been working hard on a new EP, when will it be released?

10.  Will it be a free download?

11.  Who did the band work with to record the new EP and what was it like working with them?

12.  Who does most of the songwriting for the band?

13.  Who came up with the idea of the VLOG, which by the way is an oustanding idea and do you plan to keep us updated with new VLOGS?

14.  How do you see the future unfolding for DEAD OAKS?

                                  DEAD OAK ANSWERS 6 - 14


The new EP ( EMBRACING DISHONOR) is finally been completed and after listening to it, I believe their fans and new fans to come, will be licking at their chops to get it. The EP is very polished and shows the talent this band will be bringing to the DEATHCORE GENRE.

1. THE LIFE PSYCHOTIC: Right off the jump the EP comes out Swinging, setting the tone with an all out assault of screams and massive drum beats. It is an excellent song to start the album with and even surprised me with some cleans in the middle and towards the end.
2. HONORS FOR ANIMALS: This is by far my favorite song on the album.I truly believe this song will appeal to a broader audience. Honors For Animals starts hard and in your face, BUT,  at around 40 seconds in the track, the band slows it down and this is when this song takes Life. Imagine the frenzy of a moshpit, now Imagine that same moshpit throwing down in unison. That is how this song makes me feel. This is the HEART of the EP.
3. SUCCUBUS COUNTY: If Mozart would have sang a DEATHCORE song it would have been this one. The vocals are a work of art. The band compliments this song well, but the vocals are unreal. It is the shortest song on the album at 3:35 seconds and as soon as it is over, you want more. This track is definitely powered by strong vocals.Some of the best I have heard.
4. BROKEN GOD: There is a lot of Killer guitar and drum work in this track. The vocals are BRUTAL.It is another outstanding song and shows how consistently good the band is and how hard they have worked to put out a superior product.
5. COLD SHOULDER: I thought Lamb Of God was fixing to start playing when I heard the song open up. It is powerful and you realize quickly they have saved one of the best for last. From the opening lick you know you are in for a fierce ride to the end of the EP. Most of the song is HEAVY AS HELL till the middle of the song. Then you start hearing the lowest growls of the whole EP and it starts a descent of bringing this album to a close. It is also one of my favorites.


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