Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Temptation's Wings (Legends Of The Tusk) Album Review

                                      LEGENDS OF THE TUSK
                                             ALBUM REVIEW

Temptations's Wings is a three piece Metal Band out of the mountains of NC . The band was founded in 2009 and this Friday (MARCH 1st), they will be releasing their new EP LEGENDS OF THE TUSK. It will be at THE ODDITORIUM in Asheville NC, along with Through The Fallen and Scent Of Remains. I was given the chance to hear the album and I can tell you this EP is solid and definitely a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. It is so much different than anything I have reviewed up to this point. Their style is UNIQUE and gives you a Viking Metal Style with an HARD ROCK ATTITUDE. The Ep is Strong from the start but ends with a Fury and their is no let down in between. Temptation's Wing's has put out a Great Album and their fans and new fans to come will surely be grateful for this Incredible Effort.


  • MICAH - Guitars & Vocals
  • Wilford - Bass
  • Jason - Drums

                                         CRUSH THE WEAK
                                              LYRIC VIDEO


  1. CRUSH THE WEAK - Its a Killer opening track. It has an Old School Hard Rock Sound from the opening lick,but then shortly after the journey begins. The vocals are on point and as you listen, you quickly get wrapped up in the story of the song. The band is Outstanding and the guitar play grabs a hold of your soul and seems to give them their signature sound.
  2. AND DEATH RIDES WITH US - If you wanted to go into Battle listening to a METAL song,this is your track. Imagine riding across a field with a 1000 other riders on horseback and looking to your left and DEATH is looking at you, while singing into a MIC. That is how this song makes you feel, like your going into WAR and you cannot loose. Another great song!!!!!!!!
  3. FROZEN WASTE OF DEATH - This is a short Instrumental Intro for THE LAST TITAN. Although short it has a prepare yourself sound that something big may be brewing on the Horizon. It feels like its a time to heal between battles before the last ride begins.
  4. THE LAST TITAN - This song has a PANTERA feel about it and is dominated by Punishing Guitar work. This is the heaviest song on the EP and is a great way to end it. The drum play also sounds BRUTAL. The Last Titan has a different feel about it than the other tracks and is definitely my favorite song on the EP. 

I Give This EP 3.5/5 


  1. FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Temptations-Wings/118467771548665?fref=ts
  2. STORE - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Temptations-Wings/118467771548665?sk=app_150178545006427
  3. REVERBNATION - http://www.reverbnation.com/temptationswings

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